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Featured Decks From the Winter Championship – Hearthstone

It’s here! The Hearthstone Winter Championship has arrived and is live. Tune in to the event¬†and support your favourite player! These Championships are a great time to observe the plays and strategies professional players use, and sometimes they affect the current meta. With the rotation coming up and old cards moving to wild, now is the probably the last time to play a few of these decks.

Featured Players

Out of 16 players, there are definitely a few favourites. I chose Pavel to win the whole tournament (seeing as he is the best player currently). Here’s a few of the best players:

Pavel (Russia)

OmegaZero (China)

GreenSheep (United Kingdom)

DocPwn (Canada)

Featured Decks

DocPwn’s Combo Renolock:

DocPwn Combo RenoLock Deck Hearthstone

This is a little twist to the RenoLock deck we’re all used to. Emperor Thaurissan, as with every RenoLock deck, is a necessity to reduce the cost of cards. With this combo deck, however, it is more important than ever to effectively pull off the combo.

Pavel’s Reno Mage:

Pavel Reno Mage Deck Hearthstone

Reno Mage? Although Reno Mage has been strong for a while, we’ve seen it die down a bit in the past few weeks. Pavel bringing this deck into this tournament should be interesting.

OmegaZero Tempo Mage:

OmegaZero Tempo Mage Deck Hearthstone

If I thought Pavel’s mage deck was interesting, this is even more so. Tempo mage died in this meta (apart from a few YouTubers making highlight videos with Yogg-Saron). How would this deck play out competitively? The RNG of Yogg-Saron can either win or lose the game.

GreenSheep Water Rogue Deck Hearthstone:

Murlocs are stronger than ever. With the new expansion pushing more Murlocs into our decks, we better get used to it. This deck pretty much has a standard Murloc strategy, where you play Finja and just build a bunch of damage on board.

Try these decks out and see how well you do with it! It’s better to start as soon as possible as the new rotation is coming upon us very quickly. Buy some Hearthstone merchandise and watch the livestream now!

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