Resources to Get Good at Hearthstone – Hearthstone

Are you constantly grinding the ladder only to see your peak at rank 5? Or are you just starting the game and looking to get better? Hearthstone can be an easy game to start, but difficult to master. I find that one of the most important aspects of becoming good at any game is to really indulge yourself in it. Watch videos, listen to podcasts, read articles. It may seem like a bore, but if you really enjoy the game and find entertainment in being competitive, it’s a must.

Hearthstone Legendary Rank 1


  • Websites

    • Old Guardian – This gentleman has a YouTube channel where he shows gameplay and analysis, which you can also check out here. His website, however, gives insight into Hearthstone news, current events and thought pieces.
    • Hearthpwn  – The ultimate place to see user submitted decks, talk in the forums and read the latest news articles.Every Hearthstone player ever in existence is here. Find like-minded people and find some friends to practice and play with.
    • TheTavernBlawg  – An extremely interesting blog with insightful analyses on the current meta and decks.
    • HearthVis – For those number junkies. Those who want to see visualisations and statistics of various different topics within the Hearthstone scene must go here.
    • I Can Taste The Mana – Long and detailed articles about everything Hearthstone. Issues/thoughts on the current meta, Hearthstone news and experiments!
  • Podcasts

    • HeroPower – Three dudes talking about Hearthstone. It’s entertaining and informative. They test out fun decks and talk about them and give their expert thoughts on it. They also talk about news and various other topics.
    • Never Legend – Similar to Hero Power, this website focuses on discussing subjects within the Hearthstone scene and how it applies to us as players.
  • Channels

    • Kripparrian – Perhaps one of my favourite Hearthstone YouTubers. His videos are really entertaining and he has a certain persona that’s infectious to watch. Before he shows any gameplay he always talks about the content we are about to see and it can be extremely informative.
    • Trump – More gameplay oriented, Trump has a series of him drafting decks in arena and shows (often times) the full and almost unedited gameplay.

Get into the game and discover more. Get involved in the community and spread the love of Hearthstone. We’re blessed with a great Free-To-Play game that has endless hours of gameplay, so we should all be thankful.

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