Journey to Un’Goro Card Reveal – Hearthstone

Shiny cards that do things. It’s what we all dream for. Every Hearthstone player salivates at seeing the effects and stats of the new cards that will come out and change the meta and create crazy new decks. Here we’ll see what’s coming out.

So there’s 11 new cards out. After reading the effects of each one briefly, I can safely say I’m excited for what is coming in mid-April. Let’s dive in!

New Cards Revealed

Explore Un'Goro Card RevealTortollan Shellraiser Card RevealLakkari Felhound Card Reveal

Lakkari Sacrifice Card RevealArcanologist Card RevealElise the Trailblazer Card Reveal

Golakka Crawler Card RevealTar Creeper Card RevealDinosize Card Reveal

Sherazin, Corpse Flower Card RevealSwamp King Dred Card Reveal

Thoughts & Analysis

So what’s going to happen when these cards come out?

Right off the bat the first thing I noticed was Golakka Crawler. It’s card effects are: Destroy a pirate and gain +1/+1 which means that the pirate meta will have a hard counter now. Also Elise, the Trailblazer, according to Amaz, will be an insanely powerful control card to play as it shuffles a ┬ásealed Un’Goro pack into your deck. The Un’Goro pack will subsequently give you 5 extra cards. Fatigue matches? No problem. You like big stats? Dinosize is an absolute beast of a card.

I expect there to be a few nerfs because I feel as if Elise, the Trailblazer is way too overpowered, but then again we will have to see how everything unfolds.

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