Hearthstone Winter Championship – Hearthstone

The Hearthstone Winter Championship is approaching! Our favourite Hearthstone pros gather in the Bahamas to battle it out to win a place in the Hearthstone World Championship with a tidy $250,000 attached.

hearthstone winter championship

Choose Your Champion

Choose your Champion returns with this new Championship, and you can win card packs if your selected champion performs well! Click here to Choose Your Champion! For participating you’ll receive one Mean Streets of Gadgetzan pack, and every time your champion advances to the next stage you’ll earn another pack! Voting ends on March 21, 07:59 CET. Pick now!


The Championship takes place March 23 to 26 according to the following schedule:

  • Day 1 (March 23) at 15:00 CET– Groups A and B
  • Day 2 (March 24) at 15:00 CET– Groups C and D
  • Day 3 (March 25) at 15:00 CET– Group Decider Matches and Quarterfinals
  • Day 4 (March 26) at 18:00 CEST – Semifinals and Finals

Get involed, win some packs and cheer on your favourite pro. Whilst you do all that why don’t you wear some nice gear? Click the image below for more!


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