Tavern Brawl

My Heroic Tavern Brawl Experiment – Hearthstone

Hello readers and welcome to Heroic Tavern Brawl week. I wrote a post about pro players’ deck picks yesterday, you can check it out here.

So yesterday as soon as the new Tavern Brawl was released I paid a solid $9.99 for a piece of the action. However I entered the fabled Tavern with a catch. I didn’t want to go in and play the over-played Renolock or Mid Range Shaman. I wanted to try something new and much more accessible to newer players. The deck I used cost only 1,000 dust and is extremely out-dated and almost unplayable in this meta. How did I do?

Check the deck list here.

My Matchups

So in total I played 7 games. 4 wins and 3 losses. Pretty bad if you consider the price to enter this Brawl, but good considering the deck I used.

  1. The first game I played was against a Secret Mage. My opponent played a pretty standard mage deck playing cards like Flamewaker and Medihv’s Valet.
    Hearthstone Golden Medivh's Valet
    Medivh’s Valet

    I went first and played according to curve with my Beckoner of Evil and Twilight Elder. I used my Disciple of C’Thun to clear his lower health minions, as Disciple of C’Thun and Hero Power can make quite an effective combo.          RESULT: WIN

  2. My next matchup was against a Priest. I’m not quite sure what his deck was as it was all over the place. I went second this round and played according to curve. The main aspect of winning with this deck is playing an early aggressive game and using spells effectively to clear your opponent’s minions. If you can get a Mana Wyrm on turn 1 and board clear with cards like Arcane Missiles whilst boosting the Mana Wyrm’s attack, you will have great board presence.          RESULT: WIN
  3. My next game was against a Miracle Rogue. This was the game where I knew my deck would be tested. Against a tier 1/tier 2 deck, my cards are absolute trash and their out-dated value is apparent. I got absolutely wrecked by the combos and answers the Rogue had to each of my cards. I went second this round, had a bad Mulligan and eventually lost the game in round 7.          RESULT: LOSS
  4. I went against Mid Range Shaman this game. I had gotten the best Mulligan I could asked for and used that Mana Wyrm combo I had previously mentioned. I got some great value from it and got the attack to 6 before it died. The Shaman was struggling to deal with the constant board pressure I was applying due to my perfect curve and spells to clear his minions. I went first this round.          RESULT: WIN
  5. I went against a Reno Mage and knew this would be a great challenge. I asserted dominance early game as usual and got the Mage down to 1hp where I popped his Ice Block. This is a standard practice for Reno Mages. He obviously played Reno Jackson right away and I was left to grind him down again. I was quite surprised to see that he didn’t have the adequate minions/spells to deal with my constant aggression and I eventually won the game.          RESULT: WIN

    Hearthstone Golden Ice Block
    Ice Block
  6. This is where it all started to crumble. I played against Jade Shaman and got absolutely wrecked. His Jade Golems got too big and I was unable to deal with them. The fact that my deck only includes one Polymorph doesn’t help either (not that it would’ve when his Jade Golems were 8/8 and 9/9). I went second this round as well which already puts me at a disadvantage unless I have the perfect Mulligan and he has a crap one.          RESULT: LOSS
  7. And once again, I played against another Jade deck. This time it was Druid. If I was having problems with the Jade Shaman, I had no idea what I was up against this time around. I had a horrible starting hand and could not answer to any of his minions. I eventually conceded and concluded my experiment with the score of 4-3.          RESULT: LOSS

Hearthstone’s Ever-changing Meta

All-in-all this was a fun experiment to do. It really gave me valuable insight on how the meta works and what is really strong no matter what deck you play. Obviously Jade Druid is going to be THE class in the next few weeks/months as I don’t see Warlock holding up for that long (especially with Reno Jackson and Brann going to Wild).

What did I get out of this deck? Well, I got 5 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs totalling 500 gold, 200 gold and 195 dust. Yes, I lost a bit of money from this but it was fun and worth a try. Would you try this deck? I know I certainly wouldn’t again.

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