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The Jade Curse – The Problem With Jade Decks (Hearthstone)

With the new expansion – “The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan”, Hearthstone players flocked to buy it and get the new cards as soon as possible. Little did they know that the whole game of Hearthstone would be completely changed.

jade golem 2

This is a Jade Golem. The basic mechanic of this particular card is that when you play a Jade Golem it starts off at 1/1. As you play more cards that produce a Jade Golem its stats increase to 2/2 and so on. This means that these seemingly harmless minions can really pack a punch later on in the game if you can’t finish your opponent off quickly. So what makes this playstyle so difficult?


Jade cards are usually under the Druid class, although any other class could technically play them. The card “Jade Idol” really propels the Jade playstyle forward, and that, of course, is in the Druid class.

Jade Idol Hearthstone Card

This card is THE SINGULAR CARDĀ that makes this deck so powerful. As you can see, you have two options when putting this card into play: Summon a Jade Golem; or Shuffle 3 copies of this card into your deck. Druid players usually try to Mulligan this in and play it in the first turn. This ensures that with each and every other Jade card that they play they can build a bigger Golem. The second time they see this card would obviously be to re-shuffle the card. This way, in theory you will never run out of cards playing as Jade Druid.

There are other cards that make playing against this annoying, too. Aya Blackpaw being the first one that comes to mind. Her battlecry AND deathrattle are both “summon a jade golem”. With her being at 6 mana to play, if you were to play the deck right you would be looking at potentially a 4/4 Jade Golem as a battlecry, and anywhere beyond that as a deathrattle (assuming the opponent fails to clear Aya Blackpaw instantly).


Here’s a video of an excellent Hearthstone player explaining this whole conceptĀ and giving us an inside view on how to properly strategise and organise this deck.

Deck Guide

If you have around 5,500 dust laying around you can make your own Jade Druid deck. Here is Kolento’s deck guide: Jade Druid Deck Guide


And that’s it for this short analysis. If you would like more tips and tricks on Hearthstone gameplay, check out HSOwnage. You may learn a thing or two!



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