Getting Started With Hearthstone

First and foremost, welcome all new players.

Here at Hearthstone Value we will cater to your needs and put out content that can help you improve your game. Perhaps one day we will see each other in game and you can show me your skills!

Hearthstone Value Card

Let me begin by saying HEARTHSTONE IS TIME CONSUMING. Just like any game, you need to put TIME and EFFORT into this game to reap any rewards. To become good at League of Legends you can’t just make an account and become good. You need to play hours and hours to even reach level 30 and play competitive games. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, although you can play competitive rather quickly, you still need to put in hundreds of hours to master spray control, peeking and so on. It is no different with Hearthstone. People usually are under the misconception that Hearthstone is a relatively easy and open game for anyone to become good at. I’m here to unfortunately break that myth.

You need to grind for gold. You need to grind for a certain card. You need to grind against all the annoying meta decks.

So now that’s out of the way, let’s start at the beginning. You’ve just downloaded the game and the narrator welcomes you into his tavern. You will have to go through the tutorial, so just get over that and learn some basic mechanics.

Once you’ve completed the tutorial that’s all you pretty much need to know about the game. You essentially know how to play the game. You place cards on a board to try and get the enemy’s health from 30 to 0. However Hearthstone’s mechanics and gameplay go much, much deeper than that. But we won’t get into the advanced tactics yet. For now, let’s get you some nice decks you can build.

Here’s a list of free decks you can use:










Try these decks out and level each of your heroes to 10 and you’ll receive some gold as a reward!

That’s it for this introduction to Hearthstone. We will be posting content consistently so please follow the site, bookmark it or whatever to find out what we post about next!

For those who want to improve their skills quickly, give HSOwnage a go! You’ll be surprised at how detailed and easy they teach you.


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